Episode 15 – Monster Party (NES)

Actual Gameplay Footage

Actual Gameplay Footage

I had this crazy dream last night wherein it was revealed to me that the recent ‘cult status’ of this week’s game was actually part of a small conspiracy to help Bandai sell off the rest of their unsold copies of Monster Party for inflated prices.

Now I feel this wasn’t a dream at all, but a whisper from the Secret Chiefs. You heard it here first.

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Episode 108 – Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest (NES)



Episode 8 baby! Phew, so many games to slog… err… BLAST thru! In this episode, the Lordz welcome Atticus to the show who has been renowned world over for his expansive knowledge of Simon’s Quest, the controversial sequel to the Konami classic, Castlevania! It’s Action, it’s Adventure, it’s Simon’s effing quest!!

Notes from Wiki:

“Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest is an action-adventure platform game produced by Konami. It was originally released for the Family Computer Disk System in Japan 1987 and for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America in 1988. It is the second Castlevania title released for the NES, following the original Castlevania. Set sometime after the events of the first installment, the player once again assumes the role of vampire hunter Simon Belmont, who is on a journey to undo a curse placed on him by Dracula at the end of their previous encounter. With Dracula’s body split into five parts after his defeat, Simon must find and bring them to the ruins of his castle to seal and defeat him.” – Wiki

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Episode 107 – Kung Fu (NES)



In the NES black box classic, the players controls Thomas, the titular Kung-Fu Master, as he fights his way through the five levels of the Devil’s Temple in order to rescue his girlfriend Sylvia from the mysterious crime boss Mr. X. The game is credited for laying the foundations of the beat ’em up genre, combining side-scrolling platform and fighting game elements with multiple enemies. (Wikipedia)

Kick, punch, jump! The Lordz of the Game accept the Kung Fu challenge, featuring Young Will of Wolfanimal.com fame!

Kung Fu is an underrated gem and finally receives the acclaim it deserves, alongside other notable cultural touchstones like Lou Reed’s Mok performance, Blue Diamond Gusset Jeans ads, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Buckner and Fuller classic, Ode to a Centipede!

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Episode 106 – Dr. Chaos (NES)


!Dr Chaos (NES)

Dr. Chaos, officially known as Dr. Chaos: Hell’s Gate (ドクター・カオス 地獄の扉 Dokutā Kaosu: Jigoku no Tobira?) in Japan, is an action-adventure game originally released in Japan for the Family Computer Disk System in 1987 by Pony Inc. An English localization was produced for the Nintendo Entertainment System that was released in North America by FCI in 1988. (Wikipedia)

The Lordz of the Game are back, featuring Young Will, to take on this truly terrifying FCI classic. It’s a game full of charm, ugly character design, and warp zones! Game Master Adam also gets a special call from his mother to talk about the rapper Stitches.

Also discussed: The Strokes post-This-is-It, #gamergate, and Strong Bad appearing on a Shellac record!

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Episode 105 – Adventure Island (NES)



On episode 105, we have Adventure Island for the NES! Adventure Island is a side-scrolling platform game produced by Hudson Soft that was first released in Japan for the Famicom and MSX on September 12, 1986. It was later released in North America for the Nintendo Entertainment System on September 1988 and in the PAL region in 1992 under the title of Adventure Island Classic. (Thank you, Wikipedia)

It’s also deceptively difficult, and by deceptive, I mean that as cute as the shirtless, pot bellied protagonist looks, you will get your ass handed to you by snakes, frogs, campfires, and plethora of typically benign entities. Lot’s of shouting was had.

Vanessa Robinson (of the bands Cassandra and CIVC) was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to become an official Lord of the Game and help me beat the f***ng frogs in Stage 2.

Topics covered: Grunge music, f***ing frogs, and camping.

To hear Vanessa’s rad band, go to https://catharsisforcathedral.bandcamp.com

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Episode 102 – Urban Champion



Never before in video game history had the experience of a bare knuckles brawl between two petty street thugs been depicted so graphically! The year is 1986 and the game is Urban Champion for the Nintendo Entertainment Machine. Originally a Game N Watch title, Urban Champion got ported to the Famicom in 1984 and made it’s way to the States just in time to be treasured by kids all over America.

Join the Game Master, Adam Healton, and guest, William Oliver, as they slug their way through this truly genre defining moment in fighting game history!

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Episode 101 – Blaster Master



Episode 101 – Blaster Master

Are you TUFF ENUFF to listen to the Lordz of the Game take on the world most challenging retro classics?? Join Game Master Adam and guest, Max Weinbach, as they attempt to blast their way through Sunsoft’s classic Castle-voidian adventure game, Blaster Master (1988).