Episode 14 – Cool Spot (Genesis)



Corporate tie-ins can sometimes end in astonishing results! A soda Mascot, Spot, must search high and low for all of the missing spots in this action heavy side scrolling platformer for Sega.

Cool Spot is a mascot for 7 Up, introduced in 1987. During this time, the red spot in the 7 Up logo was anthropomorphized: given arms, legs, a mouth, and sunglasses. British video games developer Virgin Interactive’s American studio produced a platform game starring the 7 Up Spot, entitled Cool Spot. It was originally developed in 1993 at Virgin Games USA by David Perry for the Mega Drive/Genesis and Super NES and then ported by other teams to Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Game Boy, Amiga and DOS in 1994.

Intro Music by Death Grips (thirdworlds.net)

Game Reproductions: http://www.nesreproductions.com/

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Episode 104 – Double Dragon



In episode 104, the Lordz take on a very *special* edition of the much loved beat-em-up #banger, Double Dragon. The Master System version!! You Euros will know what we’re talkin’ bout.

Topics covered in this podcast include: Billy Joel, David Bowie, punk rockers are scum of the earth, and an important strategy that works some of the time for defeating this brief game.

Will teaming up with guest, Andrew Cox (Sacramento’s regional Master System Champion / Historian) be enough to defeat those sinister crust punks who punched your girl in the gut and slung her over their shoulder like total basic bros??

It’s the Lordz we’re talking about here, so probably…

Intro music by Death Grips (thirdworlds.net). All other music is 8 bit covers of other music by dudes on Youtube.

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Episode 103 – Phantasy Star



The Lordz of the Game return to take on what is arguably the most EPIC RPG EVER CREATED (for the Sega Master System, that is). In this episode, Game Master, Adam, is joined by Sacramento’s regional Master System historian / champion to attempt to smash all previous Phantasy Star records and break the game within the span of sixty minutes.

The Sega Master System, for those unfamiliar, was the precursor to the popular Sega Genesis console of the 90s, and Phantasy Star was definitely a high point in the console’s lifespan.

Will the Lordz complete their Mission in under an hour?? Find out…

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Also, intro music for this episode comes courtesy of Death Grips (thirdworlds.net), interlude music by Stiches (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stitches_(rapper)), and outro song is Song of 8 Melodies from the Mother 1 OST.